Woody2 Stock


The Woody2 Stock locks the gun fast with its adaptive, high tech body. Both the comb and butt are 100% adjustable allowing for a snug fit that will significantly reduce involuntary movement, leaving you with a shotgun that shoots exactly where you want it to!

This is a made to measure anatomical stock which can take up to three weeks to manufacture once the order is placed. If your gun is not on the Make and Model list below we can create a custom socket (+£300) – to do so please select ‘Other (Model Not Listed)’. Once you have made your order we will call you to confirm the details.

Further details about the Woody2 can be found below. You can also call me on (+44) 07368 159782 if you would like more information about this gun stock or any other product on this site.


The Woody2 Stock allows for the accurate adjustment of the comb and butt sections into 5 positions. It also gives you the ability to accurately and easily set comb height, cast, and angle to prevent head lifting, cheek bruising, and misalignment issues. All these various adjustments can be made accurately, quickly, and easily thanks to a pair of simple, identical adjustable fixtures that negate the need for a system that requires several complicated mechanisms.

Wood Grade
Three woods grades can be chosen between for the Woody2. Grade 3 is entry level whilst grades 4 and 5 provide a more premium material.

Palm Size
With your hand open measure across the top of your palm.

Butt Plate
The sporting/skeet butt plate is a more traditional one piece plate. The TGV butt plate splits the plate into two adjustable pads for an even greater level of customisation. Both are excellent.

Grip Style
Sporting provides a standard gun grip whilst anatomical is shaped specifically to fit a human hand. Also known as a glove grip.

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