The COMPANY may collect user IDs of the Website using certain technologies such as: small electronic files (cookies), which are stored on the USER hard drive of the web site and do not receive any document or file from their computer.

The use of cookies cannot verify the User’s personal identity. Properly setting your browser allows you to reject cookies. Some features of this site will not be available if you choose not to use cookies.

The main categories of cookies used herein are the following:

a. Cookies, which do not identify and are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and without them the COMPANY cannot provide proper functioning of the website.

b. Cookies, which collect anonymous information about how to use the Website, such as which websites you visit most often.

c. Cookies that allow the website to remember the USER’s options, such as language or region.

d. Cookies, which enable the COMPANY to identify the sites visited by the USER, from which information about his interests arises.