The new SMART stock system is the most advanced in the world and made for you the shooter to get the best results you can. The engineering in our anatomical system covers everything from heel to fingertip with fine adjustments to ensure the best solution for you.

Choose from our various sizes. We build custom grips & forks for specialist guns or those we do not already have in our range – contact us to find out more. Emails to or call me on (+44) 07368 159782.

Important: If your gun model is not in the list, choose ‘Other (Model Not Listed)’ (+£300) and we can make a custom socket. We will call you once we have received your order to confirm the details.

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The SMART STOCK system is customisable for most gun makes and hand sizes. with the new SMRT stock system, you can manipulate for easy grip more anatomical cohesion, and less body & the muscle stress

The one and only 100 % morpho anatomical lacrosse in the world 🌎….. 😇
She was born to win 🥇
Born to win 🥇

We have in store for all models below or for any other shotgun if we get the dimensions for a Trap or Sporting gun.

World Shoot-Off 🌎 / Lacrosse & Architecture:
Crosse SMART, poignée sporting, 100% made Shoot-Off :
Design, manufacture, distribution……


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