Butt Plates/Pads


ShootOff range of Butt pads we have our TGV & Standard & Custom butt pads available:

  1. TGV Butt pad with 2 adjustable cushions (the versatility here is unique to ShootOff, this allows for that perfect fit to almost any shoulder).
  2. Puma recoil Microcell pads 3.2cm Flat.
  3. Puma recoil Microcell pads 2.5cm Curve.
  4. Puma recoil Microcell pads 1.5cm Flat.
  5. Puma recoil Microcell pads 2.5cm Beaver.
  6. Puma recoil Microcell pads Custom made.(contact us for details and pricing Email  Tel: 07806 672223).


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ShootOff Butt plates and pads are customisable and variable with our unique TGV system to straight but plates.

We have a varied range available for the shooter and if what you require is not on this lost, please call or email us for more information on your requirements. Email: Phone 07806 672223


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