NextGen Frame and 1 Lens Set


NextGen Frame & 1 Lens Set
The TR90 frames are equipped with 3 Neodymium magnets, which allow a good Strong fixing of the lens to the frame. For fast hassle-free change comfortable fitting lenses,
we have 6 Frame colours to choose from.
Black, Silver, White, Pink, Blue, or Orange.
Our Nextgen lenses for these frames are the latest very high-tech Nylon lenses that provide perfect image definition, clarity, and sharpness, improved contrast.
Their anti-reflective Plating treatment improves the definition of the image and prevents image distortion.
The design of the NextGen Magnetic shooting glasses has been developed to optimize ventilation and limit the risk of fogging.
A selection of 19 lenses to choose your starter lens of 1 from.
Optional Optical lens attachment is available.

Select your Frame Colour & your Lens Colour.

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The Individual Kit is the perfect kit to discover our NextGen Magnetic Glasses, it includes 1  NextGen Magnetic lens and Frame colour of your choice, 1 rigid case, and a microfiber cloth.

Advanced technology nylon glasses quality

Better image definition

Improved contrast

Increased stripes resistance

Anti-reflection treatment

The design was developed to improve ventilation and limit the risks of fog

Additional Optical Set.

6 coloured frames

19 lens options

Additional information

NG Frame

White, Silver, Pink, Orange, Blue, Black


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