Shoot-Off Monde ? News :R&D Department Hello everyone , today I would like to present the latest of our technological innovations in the field of ergonomic stocks :The new Puma Comb System says SBI .The SBI cheek piece improves the adjustability of the cheek piece to the morphology of the face by adding a new possibility of adjustment, never before proposed by any other company, namely the inclination of the cheek rest to the right or to the left relative to the sagittal axis , itself perpendicular to the front axis of the shooter (See Video).The SBI comb preserving all of the other adjustment possibilities of the traditional Puma comb , namely cast off, Right and left, Slope height , Antero / posterior angulation, and front / rear positioning , becomes without any doubt the most adaptable cheekpiece on the market and true technological innovation.From a purely practical point of view, the new comb SBI allows the possibility of positioning the head in order to obtain a perfect horizontal adjustment of the two eyes and a relaxation of the entire cervical musculature.As a result, the kinematics of the movement in the dynamic shooting phase will be much more flexible, soft , precise and reproducible, and the shooting comfort incomparable.Properly adjusted, by positioning it on the right segment formed by the rifle band and the recoil pad , the comb SBI will prevent you from lifting your cheek during shooting in motion, a phenomenon well known to all shooters .The Puma BSI cheek piece is a patented system.See you soon for new adventures,Pierre BoutinDesigner Stock architect

Posted by Pierre Boutin on Tuesday, 2 June 2020

The latest update Puma TGV stock with new patented advanced technology comb single key release lock with a unique adjustment system. We allow for a more precise fit with angle and tilt of the comb to the face.